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TNO CAS NO:4719-04-4
Product Name£ºTNO CAS NO:4719-04-4
Product Description£º

CAS NO: 4719-04-4
Technical description: the bacteriostasis of NTO is triazinyl, it is a kind of high efficient, low toxicity water-soluble microbicides and broad spectrum antibacterial agent; It can inhibit the propagation of microbial, put off corruption time caused by bacterial action. Because the product contains no metal ions, it is no corroding to metal. Especially suitable for metal coolant in processing, rolling fluid, adhesive liquid, detergent, daily chemical products, water-based paint, steel plate paper, leather products, ceramic glaze processing and the weapons packaging materials etc with the usage of anticorrosive, so it can prolong the using period and reduce "the three wastes" emissions.
In addition, the product can also be used in household washing industry and industrial washing industry; it can make the product not mildew for a long time. Leather brightening agent is effective against mildew and is currently and widely used in the leather industry.
Mechanism: As for NTO molecule contains lively H atoms, it can react with -NCO, which makes antibacterial molecular become part of the large molecules, so as to make the macromolecules owns the antibacterial effect because antibacterial groups which it contains; Meanwhile, because the antibacterial group is connecting with the large molecules through the chemical bonds, so this kind of macromolecular has long-term antibacterial effect.
Package: 200KG/Plastical barrel

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